04 November, 2009

Mission: CHANGE

It’s the second day of classes and I’m still stuck in my vacation moments. I’d still like to travel almost anywhere without thought of school projects left undone and without though of school obligations which leads to stress at some point.

As I sat sluggishly in one of my minor subjects, the teacher wrote something on the board that made me follow it until the last stroke was finished. It was one word that puts me in a dilemma most of the time- MISSION.

It was a flat piece of written art on the board but it struck me and left the biggest question that might change me forever once I find the answer. “What is my ultimate mission?” Most people wait for signs and others just don’t care. But there are those who would do everything to find their mission. What’s the fuss all about? Why do we have to know and find out if we will still turn to ashes someday?

Our ultimate purpose in this world is to find our mission, or purpose and our direction. As the juvenile members of the society, we have a mission of being heard and of making a CHANGE. We have the mission to be able to have a voice in every issue and discussion when it comes to both national and international concerns.

To create CHANGE amidst the turmoil and disasters.

To CHANGE ourselves to become better.

These changes are easy to say but it’s a work as big as the galaxies and we need battalions of people to be one to make change happen. That’s where the youth comes in!!!

On November 16-17 2009, YES2009 or the YOUTH ENGAGEMENT SUMMIT 2009 will be held and the CHANGE experience begins!

Sign up and join! You might win a FREE TRIP to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. You will be joining 500 South East Asian Youth and meet icons of change.

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Deadline is extended until this Sunday. This is YOUR time to be heard. YOUR time and chance to make a change!!!

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By: Widowed Patch, join her with her mission to change

10 June, 2009

No to Constituent Assembly (ConAss)!!!


I am a Filipino and despite all the negative publicity surrounding our race, I am proud to be one. The news that Congress is bent on pursuing a change in the form of the government through a constituent assembly concerns me deeply. I believe, as our Congressmen do, that change is very much needed to revive our country from the paralyzing weakness it has long suffered from. However, we cannot jumpstart that needed change by being in such a hurry.

As most of our senate said:

"Charter change must be done correctly, at the proper time, definitely after the May 2010 elections, and for the right reasons, that is, for national, not personal and vested interests, and within the legal means under the Constitution"

Simply saying, if the Constituent Assembly was approved, the GMA Regime will continue. Changing the type of our government from Democratic to Parliamentary with one corrupt leader named Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and a money-oriented congress will lead our country to a no-no destination.

This is our chance, as a people of the Republic of the Philippines, kaya natin to! Help our country to survive and to change within you, within us youth. As our beloved national hero Jose Rizal said, "Ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan (the youth is the hope of the country)". Let us ask our selves "Ako'y isa sa kabataan na tinutukoy ni Rizal, naging pag-asa ba ako ng aking bayan? (I am the youth Rizal's talking about, have i become the country's hope?)".

"Ngayon, ang kabataan ay maa-asahan na....(Today, the youth became responsible...)" - Chiz Escudero

God Bless Philippines!

05 February, 2009

Latest Pinay Scandal Campaign

And you're bringing your fantasies here don't you? Sad to say this is not the right post for you again. This is the second post to fight these real porno sites promoting Filipina Scandals. If you're interested about this battle, join with us. I'm urging everyone to join this campaign especially the female bloggers and to those who believe in justice.

How will the campaign work?
The Google Trends can show how internet surfers demand a single keyword, for example the keyword "Sex Scandal". With this Google application, we are able to study how these keywords drive traffic on a scale of time. So imagine if the good sites will promote keywords similar to the keywords the real pornography sites promote, Google, Yahoo and other search engines will help us to drive the traffic out of them.

How this will benefit your blog?
As what i've told you earlier, keywords such as "Sex Scandal, Download Scandal Pinay, Pinay University Scandal" are those keywords driving more and more traffic to the real pornography sites. Why? Of course there are so many unhappy-liberated surfers looking for fun to satisfy their fantasies. What will this post do is to drive traffic on to your site. So, lesser real porn sites will appear in Google and Yahoo! Don't worry about the Google Adsense TOS (Terms of Condition), you're not promoting the real pornography.

How will i join this campaign?
You could simply discuss this thread on the comment section. Link back to this post and comment, informing you're joining. By this, you'll be given credit by us joining the campaign, the women involved on any scandalous video clips, and your families.

So, who are you people at my side?!

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05 January, 2009

Takipsilim (Filipino Version of Twilight)

Have you heard of the movie Twilight? Hmmm, to others wont matter but for those, there's a rumor that ABS-CBN paid $1 million to it's co-producer Ignite Media for the rights to the Twilight series. According to the news, the new series, tentatively titled "Takipsilim", will reunite the onscreen tandem of Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao.

Honestly, the said project was great, if they supposed to level down their rating and image to the public most especially to the Twilight fanatic.


....i dOnt Agree tO thiS.i dOnt bElieve thAt they can do mOre better than thE ORginAl Or wOrst tHey will mAke the moviE bAD And not ThAt gOoD.And rayver FOr edward cullen DuH! CompAre him TO RObert pattinsOn...

Those are some of Twilighter's objections and they even got this online petition entitled, Anti-Takipsilim, posted on online petition site. As what being clarified by the said network:

“There is no truth to the Web reports, particularly in the Perez Hilton blogsite, that ABS-CBN is doing a local adaptation of “Twilight”. ABS-CBN will be the first to announce if it is, in fact doing so,” according to ABS-CBN Corporate Communications’ Bong Osorio.

Last week, did a story on an Internet report about the adaptation. The prospect of a local adaptation of “Twilight” has caused a lot of discussion, sometimes heated, on various Internet discussion fora.

How about this post from the ABS-CBN website cached by Google confirming about the said project?

Is ABS-CBN washing their hands like Pontius Pilate? What do you think guys?

04 November, 2008

Nelson Bryan Co

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Axa Yao (repost)

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16 October, 2008

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09 September, 2008

A new site to click!

Hello there Pinoy Cute Friendsters,

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